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Are you at the end of your rope with your dog’s insistence on grinding his snout into every guest that comes through the front door? Or do you have a new puppy that is not potty trained and just don’t know where to begin?

     If you are like the many dog owners I met every week in my dog grooming business, frustrated with a misbehaved dog, then you are certainly not unique. I know because I saw it every day. For example does your dog…

  • Chew your shoes or anything else for that manner…
  • Leave little brown unwanted steaming packages on the carpet…
  • Sometimes nip at the kids
  • Bolt for freedom when you open the front door…
  • Do the “are you happy to see me leg hump” with guests…
  • Leaving yellow puddles….
  • Or even worse – aggressive and protective of his food dish….

     Has this behaviour got you at the end of your rope? … And generally just driving you absolutely crazy?

The science behind this system of correcting bad behaviors is simple.

You may have heard of the idea of ‘neuroplasticity’ in the human brain.

It’s a well established idea researched heavily at Harvard and other leading universities.

In other words – our brains are like soft plastic – always capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors.

Well your dog’s brain is the EXACT same.

With the right mental stimulation and training… (That you will get in my program) your dog’s brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information.

Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are telling him to do.

When this happens – your dog’s bad behaviors simply fade away as more desirable ones appear in their place.


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112 Amazing Dog Hacks

73 Ways to Effortlessly Transform Your Dog Into A More Obedient, Healthier & Happier Pup… PLUS, You’ll Discover 39 Amazing Dog Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Money & Hours of Frustration

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a happy, healthy, obedient dog who can’t wait to start the day by your side…

…Imagine how your dog will feel when their joints stop aching, their skin is silky smooth and they become calm, relaxed, and stress-free…

The good news is turning your pup into a picture perfect dog is actually pretty simple…

…All you have to do is follow these simple, easy, and time-tested dog training secrets.


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How To Housetrain & Potty Train Any Dog

Learn the Secrets to Completely Potty Train Any Dog or Puppy Quickly and Easily in 7 Days or Less

Don’t waste time! The more times your dog goes to the bathroom inside your home the harder it will be to break him of this habit. Take action now and permanently stop your dog from using the bathroom inside before it’s too late!

Dear fellow dog lover,

  • Do you want a fully potty trained dog that will go to the door and let you know when he/she needs to go outside to use the bathroom?
    Do you to be able to leave your dog home alone for hours without worrying about him/her going to the bathroom inside your home?

If you answered YES to either of these questions you have come to the right website. Here you will learn how to correctly potty train your dog in the shortest amount of time possible.

These potty training techniques will give you the secrets and knowledge of professional dog trainers allowing you to limit mistakes, communicate with your dog easier, and see immediate results.


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Secrets To Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

This powerful information has helped thousands to successfully halt their dog’s behavioural problems—and now it can help you, too!

These Secrets Can Be Used Anywhere By Anyone To Get Their Dogs To Listen, Understand And Obey…
Without Spending Countless Hours In Training!

Dog training isn’t complicated.

This is a book that gives you a system that professional trainers use to ensure that your chaotic four-legged friend is soon the most perfectly behaved good boy you’ve ever known. All you need to know is the secrets.

Like most of the best secrets, these are obvious once you realize what they are.

This ebook delivers the secrets that top trainers use daily right into your hands—these secrets are the ones that you can use RIGHT NOW to help Fido become the good boy you always know he could be.

In just MINUTES daily, you can train your dog—it’s that easy when you know how!

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Get rid of your dog’s disgusting habit once and for all.

Poop eating is not just gross, it can put your family at risk for Salmonella, Toxocariasis and other nasty infections!

This is what you can learn:

  • Why poor gut health is the #1 factor in about 80% of poop eating problems and how you can fix the problem in just a few days. 
  • Why I suggest using food additives as a last resort, not a primary treatment.
  • How natural foods found in your kitchen can be used in place of store bought chemical additives at a fraction of the price.
  • How your dog’s food (even the expensive brands) may be making the coprophagia problem worse.
  • The three ingredients in most commercial dog foods that you should stay away from at all costs.
  • What you need to know about a dangerous health condition that may be causing your dog’s poop eating problem.
  • Simple training exercises that can completely stop poop eating in a matter of days.
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This Information-Packed Handbook Will Teach You Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About German Shepherd Dogs

You’ll learn everything from how to choose the right German Shepherd and housebreak it, to the history of the breed and how to train your dog to obey your every command…

Imagine being able to get your German Shepherd to listen to you anywhere you go… Wouldn’t that be nice?

What about knowing that your dog is perfectly happy and healthy because you know exactly how to exercise, socialize and feed your dog?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your German Shepherd to stop biting and chewing everything in sight?

Can you imagine how great you’ll feel when you know that your dog loves you as much as you love him or her?

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THE ESSENTIALS OF THE NEWBORN PUP.You’ve just got your little gremlin, now what?

I am going to provide you with a checklist of all the things you must do first and foremost, no matter what. Vaccination, feeding, health check-ups…

I will show you how to teach them to perform dozens of tricks, from “fetch” and “bow” to more advanced ones like “army crawl” or “hoop jump”. Also, all kinds of treat rewards and safety tips.

As with humans, the proper diet is the key differentiator between a healthy, beautiful dog and an average looking one. We will show you exactly which foods are best for this little breed, and also which foods to avoid. Recipes included.

Once in a while you stumble upon those beautiful frenchies when your initial reaction is “Wooow his coat is soooo shiny, how you do that?”. The “million dollar look” is achieved by a specific long-term treatment, and it’s not as expensive as you think.

French Bulldogs need human attention more than other dogs, and they might begin to retreat from you if you don’t give them a considerable amount of love and proper care. I will teach you how to make him happy and satisfied.

French Bulldogs come in various characters, colors and sizes, from mice hunters to toy lovers. We will help you choose the perfect frenchie to fit your current lifestyle and daily activities.

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